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Nonprofit on the Rocks Podcast

When non-profit professional and co-founder of Envision Consulting, Matt Kamin, listened to podcasts about the NPO world, he discovered two things:

  • One, he wanted to know more about the people behind the organizations, the inspired leaders and badass do-gooders whose tireless efforts keep things running, especially during times of crises.
  • And two, he needed a drink. Something hard to help him get through the often dense and dry content in these podcasts.

That’s why Envision Consulting is launching Nonprofit on the Rocks, a podcast that goes behind the scenes of the organizations and gets real, over drinks, with the people who make them possible.

So, pull up a seat, pour yourself a drink—maybe one Matt tells you how to make! —and join the lively conversation.

See more of Envision Consulting, here.

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