Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Do It Right

4 Lessons / $299.00 / Approved for 3.5 CFRE Hours

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It is amazing how many nonprofits don’t even have a strategic plan or haven’t looked at their plan in months or even years. The reasons for this vary but most often no one wants the responsibility of coordinating the planning effort, they feel it takes too much time, or that the plan is perceived as just a pretty document that is done to satisfy funders or board members and not a useful tool to drive the organization. In this four-lesson course, you will learn:

• How to create a plan that works and will help grow your organization to fulfill its vision

• Who should be involved in the planning process

• What the plan should look like

• How often it should be reviewed and updated

And more

Lesson Summary

Lesson One: What is the Plan and Why You Need One—the strategic plan sets the stage for departmental plans and guides the organization to fulfill its mission and reach its vision

Lesson Two: Who Should Be Involved—a planning committee of board and staff members will gather information from staff, community, partners, and collaborators in order to set realistic goals

Lesson Three: What the Plan Should Look Like—a strategic plan needs goals, objectives, strategies, and action steps developed by the departments. It also needs to have metrics built in to measure success. Templates and samples are provided.

Lesson Four: Completing the Plan—Compiling research data, conducting planning retreats, and establishing measurements so the plan can be implemented, evaluated, and updated.

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