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In this episode, we have a special guest: Kathy Lambert.

Key Takeaways:

✭The best laid plans can go out the window.
✭Abundance starts in the mind. When you shift your mindset from lack to abundance, your reality will be transformed as well.
✭Our thoughts create our words, our words create our reality. How we speak, think and receive people shapes how our world can be.
✭It’s deeply ingrained in non-profit workers that doing good work has to take a toll on the worker, that they need to treat themselves less in order to serve the “greater good”. The truth is – that kind of thinking is out of alignment from the purpose and is greatly unsustainable.

“Just because somebody is in a non-profit doesn’t mean that they should make less… there has to be a shift in the mindset in regard to that” – Kathy Lambert

For more than 23 years, Kathy Lambert has worked to disrupt the cycle of poverty with a holistic family approach. Her journey began in 1997 after she read an article about Dress for Success New York, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women re-enter the workforce by providing interview clothing. Recognizing a similar need in her St. Louis community, Kathy launched Dress for Success Midwest to help women coming from difficult circumstances achieve economic independence.Kathy quickly learned about the challenges many low-income single moms face, including a lack of transportation and difficulty navigating social service and justice systems. To help address the need for transportation, Kathy’s husband, Brad, started Wheels for Success, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting individuals and families with reliable transportation. In 2001, Kathy and Brad merged their organizations to create Connections to Success (CtS) with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and incarceration for the next generation.Kathy has provided passionate leadership and overseen CtS’s growth into a regional nonprofit with sites in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. Today CtS is nationally recognized as an evidence-based model for Economic Mobility, improving children’s futures by helping parents gain social capital and achieve economic independence. Connections to Success has 13 Membership sites in 7 states.Kathy’s work has been recognized locally and nationally. She received the 2020/21 Legacy Alumni Award from Focus St. Louis, 2019 Women of Influence Award by RISE Collaborative, 2017 St. Louis Women of Achievement Award for Social Enterprise, 2005 The Athena Leadership Award, in addition to awards from the State of Missouri and the U.S. Department of Labor. In2013 Kathy received the Volunteer Service Award from President Obama and in 2014 she participated in an invitation-only White House Summit for Working Families. She is a graduate of the FOCUS St. Louis Leadership program, NSC’s Nonprofit Women’s Leadership Academy, the NIC Offender Workforce Development Specialist Train the Trainer and the National Practitioners Leadership Institute, where she served as a faculty member. Kathy served as the first Board President for Dress for Success Worldwide and served as a 2017-2018 Mentor for the DeVos Urban Leadership Program in St. Louis. In February 2018, Kathy was appointed to serve on the Missouri State Workforce Development Board and recently accomplished one of her goals on her bucket list –she is now a TEDX Speaker.

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