On Your Mark, by A Page Beyond

You have a book inside you, but how do you get it out?

On Your Mark is an online course for business authors.

On your Mark helps you move from first word to first draft in as little as six weeks!

Cathy Fyock shares her proven formula for getting your book out of your head and heart and onto the written page.

What’s included? 6 videos – 22 files – 2 text files

Are you wondering where to even begin?

  • On Your Mark provides tips for identifying your obstacles, turning off the negative voice inside your head, and finally getting started.

Or are you just not sure you can see it through?

  • Course modules help you create a game plan that fits your goals, allowing you to build momentum and finish your first draft. 

Are you ready to make your mark as an author?

You seriously wish to write a book of your own, and you are intent on undertaking the project. 

  • On Your Mark is not intended for anyone who is merely amused by the idea of writing a book, or who could not make it a priority in the foreseeable future. 

You understand the usefulness of a book for business or professional purposes.

  • On Your Mark is intended for those who wish to advance themselves professionally. The course is not intended for those with purely creative aspirations or who would write to entertain. However serious you are about writing the Great American Novel, this is not the course for you.

You are a subject matter expert, not necessarily an experience author.

  • On Your Mark is intended for people at all levels of writing experience. Whether you’ve written a million articles, or you haven’t finished a paper since college, this course can help. This course is not intended for people without professional experience, though. You do have to know a thing or two about your topic before you begin.

What if I told you that you could finish your first draft in as little as six weeks?

Cathy Fyock headshot

Hi! I’m Cathy Fyock, the Business Book Strategist.

I admit it, I have a love/hate relationship with writing. In some ways, it is the most challenging work I’ve ever done. And yet, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a finished product and watching my work pay off after publication.

I didn’t set out to be a writer.

After years climbing the corporate ladder, I decided to start my own consulting business. I was never the best writer in high school or college, and I never had a teacher or professor push me to write professionally or independently. But once I found myself the sole proprietor, speaker, and consultant of my small business, I realized that writing became a necessary skill.

Being a writer paid off.

I began writing articles for publications, on the advice of a publisher who assured me that I only needed to provide practical, actionable advice to their readers. I went on to write hundreds of articles and other pieces as part of my marketing strategy and to generate revenue. 

A book became inevitable.

The idea of writing a book still seemed daunting. The decision to “leap” into writing a book started with an outline I created on a whim during a transcontinental flight. Preparedness met opportunity when I got a call from a publisher’s acquisitions editor just one month later. She had seen my bio and presentation description in a conference program and wondered if I’d be interested in authoring a book.

And then, subsequent books became a breeze!

I’ve since written several more books, completing each manuscript in less than six weeks. And I’ve helped dozens of authors get their books out of their heads and into completed manuscripts. 

Writing has been good to me. But more than that, it’s made a lot of things possible for me. It can do the same for you, too… so, let’s get to it!

What You’ll Learn by taking On Your Mark

This interactive course provides multiple ways for you to understand the information, including video walkthroughs, PDF checklists and templates, proprietary tools, and clear actionable steps.  

Module 1: Why Do You Want to Write Your Book?

All of your efforts have to be pointing in the right direction, from the very first word you write, if you want to realize your goals.

  • Full Course Workbook
  • Establish Your Daily Writing Habit
  • Writing Prompts to Start Building Content

Module 2: Why Haven’t You Written It?

If you are to move forward, you will need to identify what roadblocks have been stopping you on this winding path to authorship.

  • Book Writing Planning Log
  • Writing Prompts for Identifying Your Obstacles
  • Writing Prompts for Creating Your Thesis Statement

Module 3: On Your Mark: Preparation

This module is about all the things you’ll need to gather as you’re starting so you can be in a complete state of readiness, harnessing the power and efficiency of good preparation.

  • 30 Days of Writing Prompts toward Writing Your Book
  • Tips for Outlining Your Table of Contents
  • Writing Prompts to Help You Discover Your Content

Module 4: Get Set!

Just like jumping out of an airplane, the hardest part of writing a book is taking that leap. You might need help to do it, but you should also make sure you’re trained, interested, and properly equipped.

  • The Writer’s Pledge
  • Finding Your Accountability Partner
  • How to Recognize and Avoid Productive Procrastination

Module 5: Go!

This module is devoted entirely to momentum: what it looks like, why it’s important, and how to help yourself maintain it.

  • Checklist for Completing Your Book
  • Template for Book Covers
  • Setting Goals and Measuring Progress

Module 6: Fine-Tuning

In this module, you’ll learn how to “un-write,” that is, to edit your manuscript for clarity, conciseness, and consistency.

  • Editorial Board Sample
  • Endorsement Email Template
  • Testimonial Request Sample

Bonus Offers

Online Community

  • When you register for the course, you’ll have access to an online community of authors going through exactly what you are going through, and they can’t wait to cheer you on in your author journey.

Live Q&A Sessions

  • Each month, enjoy live Q&A sessions with A Page Beyond’s Founder and CEO, Amy C. Waninger, one of Cathy’s “star pupils” who has authored and published numerous books.

Productivity Labs

  • Pop-up productivity labs from A Page Beyond will help you knock tasks off your to-do list in a community setting. We’ll spend time together, via Zoom, to set and exceed our goals. You won’t want to miss these power-packed sessions!

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