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Partnering with Athletes – Wildcard – Sports Philanthropy World 2021, by Sports Philanthropy Network

Partnering with Athletes – Wildcard – Sports Philanthropy World 2021 is FREE brought to you by Sports Philanthropy Network

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1 view Jul 31, 2021 Partnering With Athletes: Almost every sports nonprofit wants to get an athlete involved with its cause. What is the most effective way to get an athlete’s attention? How do you position your organization in a fashion that captures the athlete’s interest and also provides value back to the athlete? Panelists include Jason Belinkie, the COO of Athletes for Hope, Reggie Rusk, an Executive Director for Stay Recruited, Matt George, the CEO of the Children’s Home Association of Illinois, Carolyn Swords, a professional basketball player, and Khadevis Robinson, the Head Coach of Ohio State’s Cross Country team.

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