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Performance Evaluations That Motivate, by Lorman

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Learn to set goals that lead to an effective performance management program that motivates and engages employees.

According to Gallup, 21% of employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. For any performance management system to motivate employees, it should provide believable information about an employee’s job performance. Let’s admit it: Traditional performance reviews are outdated. Most managers hate annual reviews. Employees are rarely motivated to do better because of their performance reviews. The idea of consolidating an entire year’s work into one 30-minute review is often uninspiring. A damaging trend lately is the infrequency of effective employee evaluations. When employee performance evaluations aren’t performed often or well, this can result in poor morale and a lack of performance improvement. Performance reviews should be conducted frequently to ensure that morale stays high while giving space for employees to grow and improve to benefit themselves and the organization. Performance management programs should focus on outcomes that create positive experiences that motivate employees and drive performance. Performance reviews, when done correctly, have value for employees and employers alike. Their effectiveness depends on how they are conducted. They can empower employees to reach new heights or drive them away from the organization. A great review helps employees identify growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement while aligning their aspirations with organizational goals and objectives. This course will focus on how performance reviews should be administered. We will look at how to set goals that lead to an effective performance management program that not only improves performance but motivates and engages employees. This course will help you see how you can infuse the performance process into your organizational culture and promote a positive workplace climate that inspires individuals to attain shared goals.

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