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Philanthropy Consulting-Wildcard Track-Sports Philanthropy World 2020, by Sports Philanthropy Network

Philanthropy Consulting-Wildcard Track-Sports Philanthropy World 2020 is FREE brought to you by Sports Philanthropy Network

1 Lesson / 55 Minutes / FREE

Sports Philanthropy World 2020 – Philanthropy Consulting–Nonprofit organizations need help on a wide array of issues as they attempt to navigate the landscape of fundraising, events, donor relations, communications, marketing, program development and much more. How can organizations benefit from retaining specialists that can help grow their organization and free up their staff for other responsibilities? Panelists include Harrie Bakst (Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group – Co-Founder), Alycia Powell (Champions for Philanthropy – Co-Founder), and Heidi Webb (Green Kite Fundraising – Founder).

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