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Planning with Intention

Learn how to develop a Vision/Mission Statement and corresponding CORE Values for your organization. Without a clear vision/mission it is difficult to communicate within your market what value you bring. Participants of this learning element you will walk away with a clear understanding of what the difference is between a VISION/MISSION Statement and a step-by-step process for development. You will also be able to identify the CORE Values for your organization and how to create an actionable plan for integration.

Why MarketAtomy?

As a social entrepreneur, whether you’re an emerging business or nonprofit, you need the right information, and you need it now! That’s why Nonprofit.Courses brings you MarketAtomy Academy premium content. This course, like their others, takes a deep dive into its subject so you can get to why you started your enterprise in the first place – to impact people!

[This is a paid course. Nonprofit.Courses earns an affiliate fee with every purchase. Thanks so much for your support!]
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