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Podcast: Turning an Interview into a Compelling Nonprofit Story

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“We’re human and we relate to information in contextual ways and so stories are how we do that, how we get context information.” — Matt Hugg

We know that Compelling Nonprofit Story is an important component in creating a connection, but how can you tell the right story? Creating a compelling story is not easy, but Matt Hugg joins Beth this week to give advice on how to write the right story. He talks about what organizations do well and where they could use help when it comes to taking content and turning it into an effective story. You’ve identified what kind of story you want to tell, found the right subjects, scheduled the interviews…now what? Matt helps pinpoint where to begin and the process behind taking an interview and turning into compelling material from which your audience will truly benefit. Matt explains how to find the right subject, what the right medium is to tell that story and why that becomes so crucial. He talks about:

  • Why is it important to get other people you work with involved in telling a story?
  • What does Matt suggest when deciding what content to send out, a brochure, a letter or both?
  • What is a “buckslip,” and how can it help if you’re sending out a letter?
  • Where do you begin when you know you want to include a story?
  • What is a story permission form?
  • How to understand who your audience is and who will benefit from the story you tell
  • What is the right approach in beginning an interview?

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Lesson/ 47 minutes

Difficulty: All Courses, Free Courses

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