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Prediction: Virtual galas in 2021, by Red Apple Auctions

Prediction: Virtual galas in 2021 is FREE courtesy of Red Apple Auctions

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With summer fast becoming a distant memory, I’m talking with clients about their 2021 fundraising galas. The question on everyone’s mind is this:

“What will happen to virtual galas?”

*“Even if we can meet in-person, should we make a decision to host a virtual gala instead?”
*“What will change with virtual galas post COVID-19?”
*“We cancelled our spring 2020 event because we didn’t want to go virtual. But now, as we start to plan our calendar, what are the 2021 trends we should consider as it relates to virtual?”

My take is that virtual events are here to stay in some form or fashion, but they will evolve once COVID-19 has passed.

As we work to integrate our knowledge of this new approach into our tried-and-true onsite events, I think that we — at first — will do a poor job of integrating virtual galas and in-person galas.

I explain my thoughts in today’s video.

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