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Prevention of Workplace Strains and Sprains, by Lorman

Prevention of Workplace Strains and Sprains is brought to you by Lorman

Learn best practices for conducting workplace examinations for fall hazards and ergonomic assessments.

OSHA’s efforts to regulate workplaces with respect to slip and fall and strains and sprains arising from ergonomic hazards have been complicated in a number of ways. Multiple standards can apply, and even the General Duty Clause can be used to address ergonomic risks, particularly if there is an injury/illness trend. Some state OSHA agencies have more stringent requirements and enforcement powers in this area than their federal counterpart in the ergonomics area. Federal OSHA adopted a revised walking/working surfaces rule in 2017, and it has been reopened to clarify issues as well as being the subject of multiple Letters of Interpretation. Moreover, the Biden administration has a renewed focus on hazard assessment, including prevention of injuries and illnesses from poor workplace design or poor housekeeping and inspection of work areas. Penalties increased to $145,027 per exposed worker, and there are also recordkeeping and abatement considerations. Falls are also party of OSHA’s ‘Fatal Four’ campaign and are recognized broadly as compensable under state workers’ compensation systems. This course will explain the requirements of relevant OSHA standards, the enforcement of poor ergonomic conditions under the General Duty Clause, and the impact of the current revisions to the 2017 OSHA fall prevention standard.

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