Raise More Money from Your Business Community

Raise More Money from Your Business Community – Expanded Edition

6 Lessons / $349 / Approved for 6 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

See Raise More Money from Your Business Community

There is a huge untapped source just waiting for you to raise big bucks. And it might not be the usual suspects. We’ll dispel the Willie Sutton Philosophy of Fundraising. In this six-lesson course you will learn:

  • How to build relationships with business leaders
  • How to present your case to businesses
  • How to cultivate business leaders
  • How to run a volunteer-driven annual business appeal
  • And more

Summary of Lessons:

  • Lesson One: Why Raise Money from Businesses and What Kind of Businesses are Out There—is it worth it?
  • Lesson Two: Researching Businesses—finding the businesses that are likely to support your nonprofit.
  • Lesson Three: Presenting Your Case to Businesses—how to develop a case that shows your economic impact and social impact on the community.
  • Lesson Four: Cultivating Business Leaders—where are they, what are they looking for, how do you get them involved in your nonprofit?
  • Lesson Five: The Annual Business Appeal—how to run an annual appeal led by volunteers from the business world to raise significant, unrestricted money from businesses.
  • Lesson Six: Recap and Next Steps—analyze your results and build on your first year’s success to even greater accomplishments.

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