Reducing Discrimination, by Lorman

Reducing Discrimination is brought to you by Lorman

In today’s increasingly diverse workforce, it is imperative to appropriately train employees to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

Most of us are not as competent as we need to be in our interactions with people, we perceive ourselves to be culturally different. Strategies learned in this training seek to influence the behaviors of individuals, including the motivation and capability to influence others and not be limited to efforts to increase knowledge and awareness. The influence of social norms is powerful, and long-lasting changes in beliefs about outgroups will occur only if they are supported by changes in social norms. Prejudice and discrimination thrive in environments in which they are perceived to be the norm, but they die when the existing social norms do not allow them. And because social norms are so important, the behavior of individuals can help create or reduce prejudice and discrimination. Discrimination, prejudice, and even hate crimes will be more likely to continue if people do not respond to or confront them when they occur. Learn numerous effective interventions to promote behaviors that contribute to an environment where we are actively engaging in efforts to value all points of view and walks of life with the end goal of a diverse workforce, and an inclusive attitude free of prejudices and biases examined.

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