Ways that Generate Income and Interest

Sharing Impact in Ways that Generate Income and Interest

1 lesson / 90 Mins / Course Fee: $74

This is a NonprofitToolKit Master Class

Do you struggle to collect, analyze and organize program data in a way that can be used for effective outreach?

Would you benefit from tools that keep you on track throughout the year and allow you to easily generate compelling documents to share your impact?

Learn to move beyond basic grant or donor reports and create interest and prospective donors through effective impact reporting. Create reporting that YOU would be interested in reading.

In this session you will:

•  Understand the difference between service and engagement.
• Learn simple ways to track services versus engagement.
• Hear examples from across the non-profit sector of impact reports that generate income and learn how to model those for your programs and projects.
• Access tools that can be personalized for your organizational needs.

These skills can be used in grant writing, personal asks and marketing

Difficulty: All Courses