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Silent Auction Strategies – 5 Easy Changes for Higher Revenues, by Bloomerang

Silent Auction Strategies – 5 Easy Changes for Higher Revenues is FREE courtesy of Bloomerang

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Ever noticed that the Lincoln MKX vehicle retails for up to $12,000 more than a Ford Edge, yet the vehicles are nearly identical?

Friends, that is called great MARKETING!

When you start to use the same marketing tactics larger companies do, your silent auction begins to improve.

In this webinar, you’ll get practical “how-to” advice so you can transform your auction items into more money. You’ll learn by looking at real-life auction photos from her successful (and not very successful) auctions, so you know what TO do and NOT to do.

Learning Objectives:

An addition to your silent auction bid sheet that uses psychology to pull in bigger bids
How to get men away from the bar and onto your bid sheets
How to make auction check-out a bit easier for your volunteers
Why your silent auction can’t be silent
How to entice the best bidders (aged 40+) with more disposable income How to showcase items to ensure they sell for top dollar

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

You know those people who really like getting into the nitty gritty? That’s Sherry Truhlar when it comes to benefit auctions.

Auction fundraisers are time intensive, complex, and a lot of work. They are also a lot of fun and profitable – when run properly. That’s where Sherry’s company, Red Apple Auctions, comes in.

As a fundraising auctioneer, Sherry and her team are busy working nearly every weekend for a school or nonprofit somewhere in the USA. She raises them money using her professional know-how and effervescent personality.

Additionally, thousands of auction planners rely on her terrific do-it-yourself educational programs (DVDs, CDs, workshops, teleclasses, articles, and interviews). They are able to design their auction for the greatest impact, using her tools. For your own free resources on how to get started designing a profitable auction, download some tools at

Sherry’s proudly been “seen on TV” (Isaac Mizrahi and Andrew Dan-Jumbo both had segments to showcase her), and been covered by such notable publications as Florida’s Sun Sentinel, Northern Virginia Magazine, Town & Country Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, Missouri Meetings & Events, AUCTIONEER, and others. Read them all online.

A prolific writer and animated speaker who tells the truth about benefit auctions, you’ll be entertained by her real-life stories and practical tips for improving your auctions’ bottom line.

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