Solicitation Letters That Get Results

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Have you ever wondered why one mailing rakes in the dough? Do you wish you knew how to set realistic targets for your appeal letters? You need Solicitation Letters That Get Results!

Direct mail is expensive. So when you decide to invest in a mailing, you want it to be as good as possible.

But just covering the cost of the mailing isn’t good enough.
In this online training, you’ll learn practical techniques to instantly improve your solicitations.

  • Insider secrets from the direct mail industry
  • Proven methods that generate more responses and larger gifts
  • Why a long letter is sometimes better than a short letter
  • Why a short letter is sometimes better than a long one
  • How to ask, when to ask, what to ask for
  • Small but effective tweaks to tap into the top trigger emotions that motivate people to give
  • Ideas you can steal for a powerful P.S.

This is not one of those webinars where you turn down the volume and half-listen while you shop online or answer emails. Think of this as your Direct Mail Boot Camp! You’re going to be furiously scribbling notes and gathering ideas you can start using immediately to increase donations.