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Staying Current on Insurance Issues Confronting Nonprofit Organizations, by Lorman

Staying Current on Insurance Issues Confronting Nonprofit Organizations is brought to you by Lorman

Don’t be caught with inadequate insurance for your nonprofit – find out everything you need for proper coverage.

For most nonprofit organizations, the importance of insurance is old news. Too often, that appreciation stops at the headline and remains frozen in the past. Nonprofit organizations, their directors, and their executives sometimes assume that broadly named form insurance policies cover their potential liabilities without reading the fine print. When disaster strikes that fine print can make the difference between a nonprofit organization receiving its bargained-for insurance benefits and dipping into its own reserves. D.S. Gray and Thomasina Poirot of Venable LLP will explore the needs that nonprofit organizations satisfy with insurance, coverage gaps that often creep into policies, and how nonprofit organizations can address those threats to their sustainability. Discuss emerging issues and recent developments with respect to coverage – invaluable information for nonprofits and their advisers concerned with minimizing risk and loss.

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