Succession Management: Planning for Future Leaders, by Lorman, by Lorman

Succession Management: Planning for Future Leaders is brought to you by Lorman

Get essential information on important succession planning options and how you can plan for future leaders.

Succession planning has emerged as an important issue as the world’s population ages under the dual impact of falling birthrates globally and improved healthcare. No longer is it easy to assume that young people will occupy traditional entry-level positions. Nor is it easy to fill positions from outside as other organizations scramble to make up for years of downsizing and cost-cutting. Succession planning can be systematic and can be effectively implemented, but that requires knowledgeable leaders who are committed to developing their people. This webinar will define succession planning, distinguish it from such related topics as talent management and workforce planning, describe a conceptual model to guide implementation, and summarize key trends and new thinking in succession planning.

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