Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training, by Lorman

Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training is brought to you by Lorman

Gain a better understanding of how to define and identify sexual harassment in the workplace and learn how to investigate complaints as a manager.

In today’s workplaces, employers are faced with significant challenges in light of the #metoo movement. Today employees are coming forward with complaints, but which complaints constitute sexual harassment, and what should an employer do when they receive a complaint? Sexual harassment can come in all forms and from many different parties, which makes it important for employers to understand how they can best educate their employees, and especially their supervisors and managers, on the topic. Employees should know what sexual harassment is and how to report sexual harassment, and supervisors and managers must be given the training and tools to identify sexual harassment in the workplace. For HR professionals, investigating a sexual harassment complaint is a tedious and documentation-heavy adventure. This material will review everything from the basics of what constitutes sexual harassment from a legal perspective to best practices for conducting an effective sexual harassment investigation.

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