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Sustaining a Drug-Free Workplace Where Marijuana is Legal, by Lorman

In a growing cannabis industry, understand how to stay compliant and sustain a drug-free workplace.

The state of cannabis legalization in the United States is a true patchwork. At last count, 33 states have legalized cannabis use to one degree or another, with some of them specifically prohibiting employers from discriminating against users of medical cannabis. This rapidly developing area of the law stands in contrast to federal law, under which cannabis use remains illegal. For employers with operations throughout the US, the challenges of complying with various applicable legal requirements are legion. This topic is intended to provide human resources professionals with the information they need to effectively implement a drug-free workplace policy in cannabis-friendly jurisdictions. The information also explains the limitations of current cannabis testing protocols and the implications that they have on the employer policies. Depending upon the jurisdiction and circumstances, employers may no longer have the option of strictly enforcing a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cannabis use. You will leave the topic with a suite of best practices to implement when revising and enforcing applicable workplace policies for employers of all sizes, including multistate employers, federal contractors, and employers with a unionized workforce.

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