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Techniques for Handling Challenging Customers, by Lorman

Techniques for Handling Challenging Customers is brought to you by Lorman

Learn valuable techniques to solve those tough customer issues.

In today’s environment it is not uncommon for everyone to experience less than desirable customer service. Too often, this results in conversations becoming explosive and confrontational. Perhaps the customer tells you how to do your job because they believe they know better. Or they constantly complain about one thing after another regardless of what you do to solve their problem. Learn strategies on how to defuse difficult customer situations, distinguish between the real and fake know-it-all customer and how to work with both. Learn to utilize teamwork to solve customer issues without escalating calls to a supervisor. In today’s climate where tensions are high, recognize how to reduce anxiety, frustration and anger among ourselves and customers. This ultimately results in increased employee morale, customer satisfaction scores, and makes the workplace more fun.

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