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Understand tenant liability insurance and various terms, conditions, and exclusions that you will need to navigate the coverage for losses.

Many landlords are forced to bear the solvency risk of their tenants’ lease promises to repair damage or to indemnify the landlords for liabilities to third parties arising out of the tenants’ operations and activities in the demised premises. These exposures are often much larger than security deposits held. This program will help you understand the types and kinds of policies a tenant is often required by lease to purchase and how these policies respond to the risks discussed above. A tenant liability insurance program or tenant’s purchase of liability and property policies are designed for landlords to protect the landlord’s’ own insurance limits, deductibles, and assets in the event of loss or damage to the leased premises or liability for losses suffered by third parties as the result of the tenants’ actions. By purchasing such tenant liability insurance on behalf of their tenants, landlords can choose the insurance companies, ensure the premiums are paid for such insurance, and can assess the premiums to the tenants as additional rent under the lease. This topic helps landlords and tenants, and their risk management and legal professionals understand tenant insurance requirements and the various terms, conditions, and exclusions that landlords and tenants will need to understand in navigating their way to coverage for the losses that could occur.

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