The 20-Minute Blogger

Can you be a 20-minute blogger? Yes!

A blog is a powerful way to reach more users and build your business. But like many bloggers, once you’ve started a blog you may struggle to sustain it and consistently add posts. You’re frustrated and discouraged because you know you’re missing out on this opportunity to reach more readers. The main problem, most bloggers say, is time. They don’t have time to blog consistently.

That’s why so many writers have learned how to become 20-Minute Bloggers!

This course gives you practical steps to take to add posts consistently to your blog and build your site content in just 20 minutes a day. During this course, you’ll …

  • Create a pool of your own ideas for blog posts
  • Master a simple blueprint to use to write winning blog posts
  • Use short bursts of time – like 20 minutes – to write a new blog post

But you won’t just talk about becoming a 20-Minute Blogger. You’ll put this simple material into practice. By the end of the course, you’ll have the draft for a new blog post that you can flesh out and publish on your blog.

And you can do it in just 20 minutes at a time.

The 20-Minute Blogger is a Premium Course brought to you by Kathy Widenhouse, The Nonprofit Copywriter.

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