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The Board Chair + Executive Director Relationship: How to Become a Leading Pair, by Bloomerang

The Board Chair + Executive Director Relationship: How to Become a Leading Pair is FREE courtesy of Bloomerang

1 Lesson / 61 Minutes / FREE

barometer for your nonprofit’s effectiveness to deliver on its mission and raise funds for your mission. The ideal environment in which your nonprofit can thrive will in large part be related to the nature of the relationship between the Board and Leadership staff.

This relationship is one of the most complex, often messy relationships on the planet! Communication skills are hampered by the often-awkward relationship between the board chair and executive director. It can be awkward because the Executive Director is often told they must educate their board on the board’s roles, especially when it comes to fundraising. However, and in fact, the board is in the legal position of “boss” to the Executive Director. In my 30+ years of involvement in the nonprofit world as both a board member and executive director I can attest to boards becoming defensive when being “educated” by their staff.

In this webinar you will learn:

– A model of communication specifically designed for the Board Chair / Executive Director relationship

– A sample set of Communication Guidelines for all internal communications

– Learn why Fiduciary Duties have been translated into Board Roles & Responsibilities and what the Franciscan Friars of the 1400’s had to do with it!

– How to “Call a Learning Circle” for board roles that does not thrust anyone into “educator role.”

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