The Four Descisions

The Four Decisions – How to Lead Your Donor to Each

This Premium Course brought to you by Dan Shephard, The Frontline Fundraiser

This is an in depth, multi-part, premium program.

The greatest challenge when on-boarding a new major gift fundraiser, to both that new hire and the fundraising manager, is finding time to prepare and conduct the initial training critical to greater staff motivation, morale, and money raised. The Four Decisions Online solves that problem through its five inter-active lessons designed to get the new hire up to speed quickly and effectively. 

More than a webinar.

  • The student is an active participant in this e-learning experience, not a passive listener.
  • Each lesson includes printable forms, checklists and templates applicable to that lesson.
  • Each lesson includes a Knowledge Assessment (quiz) and post-lesson assignments to help you apply general concepts to how your organization works.


The Four Decisions is offered online to make it accessible to each student at his/her convenience–in the office, at home, or on the road. 

Benefits for the Student

Get up to speed FAST. Learn &review basic concepts, then how to apply them at your organization. Learn major gift fundraising skills before you apply for the job. 

Benefits for the Manager

The course gives you a template and a timeline for training each new hire. Use the course to recruit talent as part of a thorough on-boarding process, significantly reducing the time you previously spent on such training. 

Benefits for the Organization

Make new hires productive faster than ever. Reduce your staff turn-over rate with all its associated costs.

[By way of transparency, this is a Premium (paid) course for which Nonprofit.Courses receives an affiliate fee when you sign up. It in no way impacts your total cost, and is a great way to support all the great content on Nonprofit.Courses.]