The Nonprofit Executive Director-Board Chair relationship with Mary Hiland, by Mission Impact

The Nonprofit Executive Director-Board Chair relationship with Mary Hiland is FREE courtesy of Mission Impact

In episode 15 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Mary Hiland discussed include:

  • The pivotal executive director – board chair relationship.
  • Why trust is so key and how to build it.
  • How hard giving negative feedback can be, especially to new people in the workplace
  • What the focus of the board chair/executive director conversation says about the relationship and how the two are leading the organization
  • Why it is important to introduce new board members to not only the organization and the role of the board member but also to yourself as the executive director – and not assume they truly appreciate your background and expertise
  • The role of the board in day-to-day operations

Guest Information: Mary Hiland brings over 40 years of experience to nonprofit leaders to create a paradigm shift about how to develop an informed and inspired board that is truly an asset. Her mission is to help nonprofit leaders ignite and unleash the potential of the board, getting rid of the mindset that a board is a burden. Her deep expertise and hands-on experience (26 years as a nonprofit executive and 17 as a board member) bring credibility and confidence to nonprofit leaders who know she understands because she’s “been there.” Mary coaches, and mentors executive directors and board leaders. She is a speaker and published author. She has a weekly podcast, Inspired Nonprofit Leadership: conversations to inspire, inform, and support nonprofit leaders. 

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