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Learn more about how Snapchat can help you connect with Millennial and Gen Z donors and volunteers with Arreva’s eBook: The Nonprofit Guide to Snapchat

This eBook will lead you through all things Snapchat, from creating an account to engaging potential donors and volunteers.

At the end of this book, you will be using Snapchat like a pro.

Objectives of this guide:

  • Learn how to set up a Snapchat profile for your nonprofit.
  • Discover the basics of editing Snapchat photos.
  • Review account management best practices.
  • Improve your Snapchat engagement techniques.
  • Find out how to insert links to your nonprofit website and donation page.

Arreva, the trusted advisor and industry leader in cloud-based Donor Relationship Management and Online Fundraising software has offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Palo Alto, CA with a team that has served the nonprofit industry for over three decades. Arreva’s fully integrated Online Fundraising and Exceed Beyond Donor Relationship Management Software provide a nonprofit ecosystem that helps thousands of nonprofit organizations focus on their mission while they build awareness, cultivate and engage donors, and transform fundraising. Learn more at

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