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The Nonprofit Podcast brings you tools, tips and tactics today to take your nonprofit to the next level tomorrow. Hosted by Donorbox Fundraising Coach Cara Augspurger, PMP, CFRE and co-hosts Jena Lynch and Jared Polivka, this is a bite-sized show packed with immediately implementable ideas and interventions that will up your fundraising game. We may all have the heart to serve, but who doesn’t need to know that they are not alone in the struggle to make their mission meaningful? Interviews with innovation-driving thought-leaders, influencers, and the committed, hardworking people who shape our sector bring you insights and inspiration from the path less travelled, in addition to strategic shortcuts that mean you don’t have to do it alone! From start-up to strategy, information to inspiration, The Nonprofit Podcast makes keeping up as easy as pressing play!

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