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The Power of Storytelling for Nonprofits: Overcoming the Challenges, by Yeeboo Digital

The Power of Storytelling for Nonprofits: Overcoming the Challenges is FREE courtesy of Yeeboo Digital

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Are you struggling to tell your nonprofit’s story? How do we overcome the challenges of nonprofit storytelling?

Humans are storytellers – it is one of the basic tools of the human mind as we work to understand the world around us.

As a nonprofit you know storytelling provides social proof to current and potential donors regarding your mission. But what do you do when your nonprofit provides complicated, private services?

In 2023, Partner and Head of Client Delivery Charlotte Field (Good Works), Director of Fundraising Optimization, Kirk Schmidt (Frontier Marketing) and Relationship Growth Expert Tasha Van Vlack (Yeeboo Digital) talked about how to overcome the obstacles in telling your nonprofit story. What originally started as a connection on LinkedIn over Dungeons and Dragons has morphed in to a thoughtful (and timely) conversation on how to tell your nonprofit story in a way that can enhance your donor engagement in 2023.

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