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The Responsibilities of Nonprofit Employers in the Age of COVID 19, by 501cServices

The Responsibilities of Nonprofit Employers in the Age of COVID 19 is FREE courtesy of 501cServices

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Nonprofits across the country are on the front lines of the COVID-19, or coronavirus, outbreak. Whether they are in the trenches trying to protect at risk communities from the virus or they are employers trying to determine the best way to protect their missions, nonprofits are in the middle of planning for unknown problems that may arise because of the outbreak. Please join us as we provide you with the information that can help you begin to wrap your head around the policies and procedures you may have to create and deploy to help your organization deal with COVID-19.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:
• Recommended ways to keep the workplace safe.
• What legal issues can arise from closing offices?
• What liabilities are exposed if employers send staff home due to illness?
• If temporary or permanent layoffs are necessary, will it have an impact on unemployment costs and how should employers prepare?
• What policies and procedures need to be updated to ensure employers are meeting their legal requirements to staff.

Speakers: William Jie Woo Kim, Littler; Maureen Marfell, 501(c) Services; Nicole Korn, EWS; Luke Strnad, MD, Oregon Health Sciences University

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