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The SMART Way Development Audit, Part 2

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During the current crisis, nonprofits face a true challenge: social needs are increasing rapidly, on a global basis. But at the same time, the economy is being battered. Dedicated nonprofit leaders understand that right now, it is mission-critical to manage the revenue-generating function of your organization in as efficient, effective and productive manner as possible. That’s where the development audit comes in.

In Part 2, you’ll learn the benefits and challenges of self-evaluation. Find out if your team has sufficient capacity to do the hard work of raising funds with the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising. Evaluate your budget, history of expenditures, and so on, on your own. Speak to your donors, your clients, and members of your board to get their insights.

But if you want more objective insights, take advantage of an automated approach to data gathering with the SMART Way™ Virtual Development Audit, an automated, online set of tools to gather data from an unlimited number of voices. We collate the data and provide summarized reports to you.

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