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Tokenization Fundamentals Course

Tokenization has evolved as a concept in the digital arena unlike anything else while retaining its basic essence. It emerged as a plausible approach for transforming sensitive data into non-sensitive data to ensure safeguards for crucial and sensitive financial data. Now, tokenization has led to a completely new paradigm by enabling issuers to create digital tokens on a blockchain as representatives of digital or physical assets. Therefore, the demand to learn tokenization has escalated profoundly in recent times with the newly-discovered opportunities to improve liquidity for conventionally illiquid assets. 

As of now, tokenization is one of the crucial interventions which has given a new shape to the world of digital assets. However, many people are still apprehensive of tokenization by perceiving it as a mere approach for converting real-world assets to digital assets. On the contrary, the value of tokenization exceeds far beyond the generic assumptions on what is tokenization.

The new 101 Blockchains tokenization course is tailored to help you understand tokenization like never before. The course offers detailed insights on existing tokenization projects and the regulatory precedents alongside the fundamentals in tokenization training. You can also discover tokenization insights into the underlying capital market and how to achieve success with new technologies and associated opportunities.

What we will cover to help you get expertise in Tokenization?

  • Basics of blockchain and its applications in trading.
  • Insights on smart contracts, their applications in different industries, and tokenization.
  • Understanding of tokenization, different stages, pros and cons, history, examples, and projections for tokenization.
  • Role of tokenization in driving the growth of alternative finance.
  • Financial structures and models of tokenization. 
  • Understanding of differences between the different types of tokens and their usability.
  • Taxation and regulation considerations associated with tokenization.
  • Explanation of different types of suitable assets for tokenization.

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