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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Leave of Absence, by Lorman

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Leave of Absence is brought to you by Lorman

Avoid liability by staying compliant with leave of absence requirements.

Employers are often called upon to manage a myriad of required employee leaves of absence. Even with the best intentions, employers often don’t properly administer leaves of absence. Employers often find it difficult to understand, explain and integrate all the state and federal leaves available to employees. Failing to provide required leaves or the appropriate information can lead to frustrated employees, loss of talent, and litigation. Most employers want to properly provide the benefits to which their employees are entitled, but they don’t want to tell the employees or how to manage the leaves. This presentation will help the people responsible for administering leaves of absence, drafting policies and responding to employee requests, appropriately respond to questions and avoid traps for the unwary. The presentation explains the interaction of various leaves and provides information about the length of leaves and how to make sure both employer and employee needs are met when a leave is requested. The presentation will look at some of the new developments relating to leaves under federal and state law using examples from different areas. This topic is critical for employers to ensure their leave policies are legally compliant and their employees get the assistance they need when a leave is necessary.

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