Top Ten Nonprofit Risk & Insurance Pitfalls

Top Ten Nonprofit Risk & Insurance Pitfalls

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Let’s face it: every charitable organization struggles to trim its operating expenses and conserve resources for mission.

Sometimes it’s tempting to take short-cuts arranging insurance protection, selecting service providers, or streamlining internal protocols to match a resource-challenged workforce. Yet, time and time again, experience proves such decisions can actually cost an organization more in the long run.

This fast-paced session led by a nationally-recognized global insurance veteran will cover five practical tips to maximize value while bulletproofing asset protection.

Subjects will include:

• “Strategy First – Insurance Last” – risk management strategies that complement commercial insurance

• When and how to shop for insurance alternatives

• “Turning Lemons Into Lemonade”

• Selecting a strategic risk advisor

• Unmasking agent/broker compensation

Speaker: Scott Konrad, Senior Vice President & Not-for-Profit Practice Leader, HUB International Description