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Transforming Power: Fast Track to Non-profit Leadership Excellence

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Your investment for Transforming Power will be a one-time payment of $397

Transforming Power is an 8-week fully comprehensive leadership program designed for the busy and overloaded leader who wants to develop strategies and processes for transforming a vision into success!

The 20 Part Online Series Will Include:

  • Eight Weekly Lessons – Everything you need to know about Transformational Leadership is included in this fast-paced comprehensive program.
  • Useful Tips and Tools – Each module not only includes the theory of a specific leadership principle, it also includes strategies for using those principles in your organization and
    specific applications for the included tools for leaders.
  • Fully Comprehensive Leadership Notebook – Each module is delivered in a PDF file to print out for your notebook. This is a leadership program that will have value for the rest of your life and the principles can be applied to any type of organization anywhere.
  • Downloadable Lessons and MP3 Files – Since this program is designed for the busy and overloaded leader, each lesson is also provided in an easy to download MP3 file to “listen on the go.”
  • BONUS: Eight Extra Sessions – Since there are many, many opportunites for leadership and many challenges to address, there are 8 bonus sessions designed to provide the extra information
    and templates for applying the leadership principles.
  • BONUS: Three TeleSeminars– Every leader has similar challenges in common, so there are 3 recorded live teleseminars on the top challenges leaders face today: Effective volunteer engagement using SMART Goals, Preventing and Managing Conflict by Building and Empowering High Performance Teams, and Conducting Power-Packed Meetings – Energizing and Empowering Teams.

I have used this very same program with my leadership coaching clients for many years now and they have made great progress. This “tested in real life” program which many people have paid $4,500 for my personal coaching is now yours to study at your own pace at home. It’s “Hugh in a box” so to speak.

You’ll also be getting downloads and lots of other stuff that’ll help you get up and running quickly and utilize from now on.

Now is your opportunity to jump in and build your skills…

Now is your opportunity to jump in and build your team…

Now is your opportunity to jump in and transform your organization…

I guarantee that you will be fully on the way to being transformed into the leader you were created to be by the end of this program.