Unlocking Mega-Gifts

Unlocking Mega-Gifts – How Faith-Based Organizations Surface 6 and 7 Figure Current Gifts from Assets not Cash

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In this presentation, Greg Ring covers everything you need to know about how faith-based organizations are surfacing and closing transformational gifts from donors who the organization originally believed they couldn’t give any more.

This presentation includes real-world examples and actionable ideas you can implement to get better results for your fundraising program. Grab a pen and a pad! You’re going to need it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
• How an asset-enhanced strategy helps generous people make a larger impact than they ever imagined both today and in the future.
• How an asset-enhanced strategy using real estate & closely-held stock actually serves your donors, not just your organization.
• How you can meet a need no one else is meeting in the lives of your donors.
• How asset-enhanced legacy gifting positively impacts current cash gifts.