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Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply With Recent Changes, by Lorman

Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply With Recent Changes is brought to you by Lorman

Keep your company protected with a foolproof employee handbook.

Most employers were unprepared for the changes brought about by the pandemic and the concurrent political climate. As a result, employers did not have policies, procedures, or training for remote and hybrid workforces. Today, many employees demand that they continue to work remotely and have redefined what they expect of employers. This change has led to unforeseen challenges that contributed to the great resignation. During this course, you will recognize some of the risks associated with a remote or hybrid workforce, including employee classification, proper tracking of time and attendance, and obligations created by the state in which remote employees work. These are some of the contributors to the perfect storm. This material will review proactive steps to combat the perfect storm so employees can be engaged, risk can be mitigated, and retention will not be nearly as problematic.

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