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Using Customer Complaints to Improve Service Quality, by Lorman

Using Customer Complaints to Improve Service Quality is brought to you by Lorman

Gain valuable, real-world tips on how to use customer complaints as a learning tool to provide better customer service.

Customer service is crucial to your business but complaints cannot be ignored. Research shows that 14% of customers leave your business because they are not satisfied and 68% leave because they are unnoticed or unappreciated. Yet, over 70% will never tell you directly what is wrong. It is essential you remain acute to complaints because happy clients create new clients. Additionally, happy clients reduce marketing, employee attrition, quality issues and much, much more. The more intent the company is on customer service the higher the margins, the revenue and the client base. Customer service retains customers and extracts more value from them. By providing exceptional customer service, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs, elevate brand value and cultivate a community that refers others customers. Customer service saves almost 80% in marketing and creates a better internal culture. Yet, from time to time, events occur and business can use bad customer feedback. This topic describes how to control costs, retain more customers and enhance your company’s brand.

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