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Using Data and Design to Create a Knockout Email Nurture Program, by Lorman

Using Data and Design to Create a Knockout Email Nurture Program is brought to you by Lorman

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It’s not a secret. Marketers by the droves are moving away from the static batch-and-blast in favor of a more scalable and predictable way to use what is still the reigning champion of ROI: email. Discover how to create your own knockout email nurture program by taking your prospects on a journey through your sales cycle, using content and imagery that not only grabs their attention, but speaks to their interests and needs.

This video will cover:
• Batch-n-blast vs lead nurturing
• Lead nurturing 101
• The building blocks of a successful campaign: data + design = results
• How to develop lead profiles
• Design trends: responsive design, animated gifs, and other ways to break through the attention gap
• Technology considerations for CRM integration: lead scoring, notifications to lead owners, and more
• Moving from calendar mentality to wait mentality

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