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Virtual Toobox course on Zoom, Mural & Co. and Liberating Structures

Open Your Virtual Toolbox

The Virtual Toolbox is a Liberating Structures Immersion Course to experience proven and interactive methods and facilitation techniques for your organization or company. The course will provide online learning experiences on Zoom, Jamboard, and Mural – an online visual and collaborative whiteboard and canvas.

​Learn and experience how to transform the online space and how you work with teams and clients using your Virtual Toolbox.

In 2 facilitated live half-day (2.5 hrs.) engaging, fast-paced and fun training sessions you will dive into the “Liberating Structures” facilitation framework – a toolbox that will unlock the potential for you and your work. 

​The course will introduce you to techniques (your Virtual Toolbox) that help build meaningful peer-to-peer connections, foster collaboration, reveal insights, discover and share, and develop effective strategies.

Course Outline (Example)

Day 1 on Zoom & Jamboard: Diving into the online possibilities of your Virtual Toolbox

  • Impromptu Networking (Experience)
  • Diving into Liberating Structures 
  • Troika Consulting (Experience)
  • TRIZ (Experience)
  • 15% Solutions (Experience)

​Day 2 on Zoom and Mural: Advanced collaboration online

  • Thick Beginnings (Experience)
  • 1-2-4-All (Experience)
  • Liberating Structures design tips
  • What, So What, Now What
  • Mad Tea (Experience)

​This is a Premium course available upon request from Synergies in Philanthropy

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