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What Corporate Sponsors Really Want From Your Nonprofit, by Bloomerang

What Corporate Sponsors Really Want From Your Nonprofit is FREE courtesy of Bloomerang

1 Lesson / 60 Minutes / FREE

re you worried about your next big event?

Have you ever been at your wits end for finding sponsors?

Are you afraid of what sponsors are thinking?

Do you have a hard time justifying why they should sponsor you, other than “We’re a good cause”?

Big events make the majority of their money with sponsorship.

Whether you’re coordinating a music festival, a nonprofit special event, or even a walk-a-thon, this webinar will help you. How? This webinar will help you start to create the connections for sponsorship. You will learn how to articulate your value to sponsors on paper and in person. You’ll learn how to create your sponsorship proposal, how to nail that sponsorship meeting, and more! You’ll even learn how to create an after-event sponsorship report that shines, AND that helps you get the sponsorship for next year!

We’ll reveal the secrets of what sponsors REALLY want to get out of sponsoring you, based on research from actual sponsors!

You Will Learn:

1. How to Get Your Foot In the Door with Sponsors (How to meet them)

2. How to use your website to make your event attractive to sponsors (with lots of real life examples!)

3. What your sponsors are really hungry for

4. Phrases Your Sponsors LOVE to hear

5. Learn when to pitch sponsors! (When your sponsors make budget decisions)

6. What to Bring To Your Sponsorship Meeting

7. How to find and show your demographics

8. 7 key elements of a good sponsorship proposal

9. How to help sponsors measure the impact of sponsorship

10. Best practices for your sponsorship report (with tons of examples!)

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