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What is a Donor Advised Fund

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Charitable investment account to benefit your favorite charities and give you control and several benefits including timing and earning on the bucket. Why is DAF the fastest growing charitable vehicle in the US? Donor Advised Fund or DAF vary a lot. Donors have more control over their giving with a vehicle like DAF. Interesting observation on nonprofit views regarding donor advised fund by me personally is this. Some believe unfair and not right that donor gets a deduction for taxes and can give to charity and not be identified. Some believe all donor advised funds should require 5% minimum annual distributions. Overall DAF give 20% + annually of assets. Some require 5% while many do not require annual distributions. Donor Advised Funds are here and newer trends are impact investments for environmental or social good inside of donor advised fund. Beyond Meat IPO had investors inside of Impact Assets Donor Advised Fund. Example of leverage current gifts to do more. One other consideration of Donor advised Fund over a Private Foundation is the higher tax write off amounts with DAF over PF. DAF 60% of income verses 30% of income. There are other considerations beside merely the taxes to weigh out for any decision.