Serving on a Nonprofit Board

Serving on a Nonprofit Board

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Serving on a Nonprofit Board, by Linda Lysakowski

What Nonprofits Don’t Tell You About Serving on a Nonprofit Board. This one is a slight departure from my usual nonprofit webinars, because it is for board members, and those considering board service. But if you’re a nonprofit leader and want to “spy” on what I’m going to tell your board members that’s fine too! However, I’d love if you can pass this along to your board members because it will help them be better board members for YOU!

So, feel free to sign up your entire board, your board leadership, or your CEO and anyone else who deals with your board.

We’re going to discuss the key roles of board members, namely:

  • Leadership: Leadership versus Governance
  • Governance: Roles, Responsibility, Compliance
  • Fundraising: Being a Champion of Sustainability
  • Assessment: Internal and External

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