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What the Infrastructure Bill Has Planned for Electric Vehicles and Airports, by Lorman

What the Infrastructure Bill Has Planned for Electric Vehicles and Airports is brought to you by Lorman

Understand the categories and amounts of funding authorized for Electric Vehicle infrastructure.

This course will explain how the Infrastructure Act provides $7.5 billion (B) for alternative fuel corridors and to build out a national network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the country. The Secretary of Transportation is directed to develop minimum standards and requirements related to the installation, operation, or maintenance by qualified technicians of EV charging infrastructure, the interoperability of EV charging infrastructure, and network connectivity of EV charging infrastructure, among other requirements. This material will discuss the $2.5B that has been allocated over five years for a new Highway Trust Fund-financed Alternative Fuel Corridor grant program (AF Corridor Program). This program is designed to support the deployment of publicly accessible alternative fuel (EV, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas) charging infrastructure along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors. Alternative Fuel Corridors are intended to facilitate long-distance, electric-powered travel by installing accessible charging stations along heavily traveled corridors. The Infrastructure Act authorizes $5B over five years for a new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean School Bus Program to replace the existing fleet of diesel-powered school buses with clean school buses and zero-emission school buses. This course will also discuss how the Infrastructure Act authorizes $1B over five years ($200M per year) to be provided for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to ensure basic essential ferry service to rural areas.

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