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Writing and Publishing for Brand and Business Benefits

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Price: $499


To give participants a sound background in writing and publishing for brand and business benefits—the why’s, the how’s and most importantly the “how to’s” of becoming a successful author and brand publisher and how to use these tools to establish and advance your brand, to generate leads, and to advance your revenue and business.


Within our online Content University™ we will cover the following topics:

  1. What is thought leadership and why engage in thought leadership publishing? Writing’s “new breed” and why it matters for engagement selling. Content Marketing. Case studies of unknown writers who’ve generated self-published books –columns that lead to massive followings, clients, business leads and book contracts. How to determine the right objectives for you.
  2. What you will learn. Finding a focus for your writing. Every individual alive is expert in at least a few topics others would like to know more about. Here’s how to identify your best focus for achieving your own top writing goals.
  3. Thought Leadership and finding your voice. Is it authoritative?  Entertaining?  What are its characteristics, and why these decisions and consistency will count.
  4. Finding your purpose and focus. Organizing your thoughts and your writing. The process of writing that make it pleasant and even inspiring instead of a dreaded work process and chore.
  5. Considering your audience, your readers. What are you revealing about yourself that you’re not aware of? Here’s how to avoid the most common mishaps and traps.
  6. Organizing your thoughts and writing great headlines. In becoming a solid author, your headline can make or break your success.
  7. Passing the ugly writing test and publishing your work. How and where do you publish for maximum outcome? Should it be Forbes? Harvard Business Review? Your own publication?
  8. Leveraging your published work to its maximum outcome. Each written piece should lead to multiple outcomes. Here’s where we’ll show you what to do for maximum use.
  9. Generating new story ideas. It’s not as hard as you think. We’ll walk you through the ways popular authors create their ideas and how they decide which their many potential ideas are best to pursue.

From the tutorials graduates will be invited to workshops and retreats designed to meet their specific needs to propel their ideal direction, which will enable them to become skilled and effective authors.