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You Belong: How to Confront Microaggressions

Do you have to say your name 2-3 times each time you introduce yourself in a new setting? Do you code switch at work because you know you can’t be your authentic self in certain environments? If you’re a person of color, queer, non binary, a womxn--how should you respond when you’ve been made to feel like you don’t belong?

This workshop is led by Karen Fleshman, a social justice lawyer and activist, founder of Racy Conversations, and author of the upcoming book White Women, We Need to Talk: Doing Our Part to End Racism. Karen will lead you in a workshop to learn how to thoughtfully confront microaggressions in spaces that weren’t made for us, and how to cultivate a culture where you feel like you belong.

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1 Lesson / FREE/ 67 Minutes