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You CAN Fix the IRS: Resolving IRS Systemic Problems, by Wolters Kluwer

You CAN Fix the IRS: Resolving IRS Systemic Problems is brought to you by Wolters Kluwer

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because a tax form makes no sense; a procedure is seriously flawed; you see an easier, better way to get something done; or the IRS didn’t issue practical guidelines – and everyone ended up facing penalties? I run across those things all the time. And I have learned – perhaps it’s not me – it’s the system!

In this course, we discuss how to address the systemic problems we encounter in the course of our research, tax preparation and representation. And how to get penalties waived entirely, when it’s the IRS’s fault something makes no sense. Believe it or not, the IRS does want to know when the system doesn’t work – and does take action to fix or eliminate problems with their system. All the while, we provide a plethora of resources that provide useful and free information to researchers.

Publication Date: February 2021

Topics Covered

  • IRS — Putting Taxpayers First
  • The IMRS — Issue Management Resolution System
  • Taxpayer Advocate Systemic Advocacy (TAS) FAQ
  • Understanding the extra functions of the Taxpayer Advocate Service
  • What TIGTA can do for you
  • Can your Stakeholder Liaison help?
  • Can your professional society advocate for you?
  • Must you turn to your Legislator?
  • Does it help to have inside contacts at the IRS?
  • And more!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how to identify a systemic problem
  • Describe various ways to alert the IRS about what the problems are
  • Recognize how to get penalties waived, not just for you, but the entire tax professional (or taxpayer) community
  • Recognize how to be most effective and productive when overcoming the systemic problems
  • Identify an integral tool in influencing the compliance behavior of SB/SE taxpayers
  • Recognize how to submit your issues directly to the IMRS

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