Your Fundraising Roadmap

Your Fundraising Roadmap, by Linda Lysakowski

Your Fundraising Roadmap is FREE courtesy of Linda Lysakowski

Do you need to raise lots of money but don’t know much about fundraising? Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your job? Or are you a volunteer just trying to make sure your agency has enough money?

I’ve designed this course executive directors and other staff members who must come up to speed with the various fundraising disciplines. It’s also popular with board members and other volunteers who wish to ensure that the organization thrives.

You will learn:

  • Common nonprofit fundraising terminology;
  • What roles staff, board, and volunteers play in fundraising;
  • A plethora of fundraising methods and when to use each of them to obtain maximum results;
  • The different motivations of and how to raise money from individuals, foundations, and businesses;
  • How to develop a workable strategic plan that addresses the needs of your agency as well as those of the community;
  • How to create a written development plan that is visionary yet realistic and moves donors up the donor pyramid while making the most of your limited resources; and
  • How to identify, cultivate, and solicit major donors and how to prepare for capital and planned giving campaigns.

We will talk about who raises funds from two perspectives — the internal and the external. In our discussion on the internal, we’ll focus on the roles of those responsible for fundraising. For the external, we look at the competition your nonprofit faces for support.

We’ll answer the question, “What happens if fundraising is not effective and ethical?

We’ll discuss the role of your board in fundraising, focusing on the four ways board members can help with fundraising. We’ll also talk about the importance of involving other volunteers in fundraising to show community support for your organization.

We’ll cover staffing the development office — the roles the development office must fill and how many people you need to run an effective fundraising program. We will cover the required infrastructure before starting a fundraising program, including policies and procures, the right software, and more.

We’ll discuss methods to help you raise community awareness and develop a shining public image.

If you’re new to fundraising or if you just want to brush up on the basics in a comprehensive way, this is the course is for you.

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