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Current Employment Issues for Nonprofits, by Lorman

Current Employment Issues for Nonprofits is brought to you by Lorman

Are you in compliance? Learn more about proper worker classification and the legal protections needed to avoid liabilities and costly claims.

Many nonprofits rely on a mix of interns, volunteers, consultants and employees, with a variety of statutes and regulations that apply to these different classes and carry steep penalties for misclassifying the worker. Nonprofit managers and directors may not be tracking the evolution of rapidly developing employment movements, expectations and legal requirements. This topic helps the persons responsible for worker classification apply the proper tests to analyze worker classification and avoid potentially crippling wage claims and penalties. The material also explains the evolving employment areas that can ensnare your nonprofit in litigation, such as #MeToo, gender pay equity requirements, and minimum wage increases. Failing to understand proper worker classification and the legal protections that can attach to proper classification places many nonprofits at risk. This information is critical for nonprofit employers so they can ensure they have analyzed their risk and taken the proper steps to avoid costly claims.

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