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Customer Journey Mapping #2

7 Steps To Building A Tribe of Loyal Advocates

Learn how to build a customer journey. The journey is filled with micro-moments leading to customer loyalty and advocacy. The 7 step process will highlight how to gain a greater understanding of how your customers interact and engage with your brand, and how your products or services fit into their lives, schedules, goals, and aspirations. Armed with this information, you will be able to …

  • How to uncover the Sweet Spot where Customer Goals and Your Own Align
  • How to Identify all the touchpoints (micro-moments) in the customer journey
  • How to recognize the customer pain points and clarify the underlying issues
  • What is needed to confirm that your solution leads to moments of delight
  • How to experience the Journey…Yourself
  • How to visualize your journey Map.

Why MarketAtomy?

As a social entrepreneur, whether you’re an emerging business or nonprofit, you need the right information, and you need it now! That’s why Nonprofit.Courses brings you MarketAtomy Academy premium content. This course, like their others, takes a deep dive into its subject so you can get to why you started your enterprise in the first place – to impact people!

[This is a paid course. Nonprofit.Courses earns an affiliate fee with every purchase. Thanks so much for your support!]
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